Speaker: Hello everyone. This is a first in BFDI fanfiction history. It is the first one to have challenges and confessionals as pictures!

Speaker: And no, I'm NOT going to be seen! I'm hosting from the bleachers!......Anyways. Today's challenge is to make ICE CREAM! :D

Speaker: There will be no recipies to follow and so, you can use any ingrediant you want!


Battle for Beach Paradise

Speaker: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the top 2 highest ranking contestants get to choose the teams.

BFBP 1- Ice Cream Contest

BFBP 1- Part 2

Speaker: Since i'm too lazy to do it myself, I'm going to let two others join me....uh, let's see....How about Puffball Speaker and MePhone4?

Contestant Speaker Puffball Speaker MePhone4 Total
Blocky 8 9 6 23
Bubble 7 7 3 17
Coiny X X X X
David 0* 3 -3 0
Eraser 7 8 7 22
Firey X X X DNF
Golfball 10 8 9 27
Gelatin 5 10 10 25
Flower 8 1 5 15
Leafy 4 8 15 27
Match 2 7 1 10
Pencil X X X DNF
Pin 10 10 0 20
SB 0 5 7 12
TB 9 7 8 24
Woody 7 9 10 26

Speaker: So that means GB and Leafy, You win the challenge and thus, you get to choose the teams for the show! That's all for now, see you next time! Bye bye!

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