u will be LOLing after u read this... *** please take note that my brother looked through a yearbook choosing people to put in this story i sent to the teacher, so don't go saying hi! joe shmoe, evelyn put your name in her story!***


in the laundry room in my house, with Brianna, Hunter, and Selena. at a halloween party. i peeled back some of the paint that i never knew was there. and before my eyes there was some sort to secret entrance we all walked in but it looked just like my basement exept there was an air hockey table in there and some broken down toilet then there was an entrance to a place that looks like my beach house in some dimented way. i love my beach house so we went upstairs. we went on the porch and selena fell of the 4 story porch and on to the pavement face first butt she didn't appear hurt at all. then miraculously, she started farting up in the air and landed back on the porch with us. wow! she exlaimed. this is fun! she said as she reapeated the scene. c'mon selena. let's explore! i say! you guy go ahead she said. i'll catch up! than i looked dow a hall and found logan the sick baby! it was logan, butt she was a really small babie that was sick! ok... we said than hunter looked in the cabinet and found a jar of potata stix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) he started eating then all! in another room we found malique chewing on a tin can!!! brianna and i told hunter to come along but he said i'll catch up! i really like theese potato stix! then brianna and i went downstairs to the bathroom and it was big! there was a jacuzzie and a shower and a toilet! brianna took a bath in the jacuzzie while i used the bathroom, but i always had the feeling she was watching me... than we walked into another room that had a big red and black bouncy couch!!! brianna and i jumped all over it. then we went outside! we went to the beach. and odly enough, selena was still farting off the balcony! we fell off of a cliff of sand , ever since that, the weather is BAD! the sky was red i couldn use my phoenix sense to detect a tornado was coming, sooooooooooooooooooo, we went back to the house. by the way, i saw austin on the beach buried in sand saying I"M PEEING! that was disturbing. so after that i saw my cousins wearing clown wigs, talking like hippies and rats were all over the place! so i went back home and brianna fell in a toilet, so it was just me!

the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way, this wa a REAL dream i had