every now and then, we all have a burning question that may not be the nbaest to ask, some poeple regret it. i, personally, has had some experience with this. here arte some really bad and stupid questions. if u have the questions, do urself a fsavor and.. just dont ask...

  1. why are worms hermaphrodites?
  2. why do itallian people have mustaches?
  3. why cant i watch south park?
  5. why are things that have giganto pupils adorable?
  6. can i have a beer too?
  7. who is justin beiber?
  8. why is cartman fat?
  9. where do babies come from?
  10. what language is spanish?
  11. what day is the 4th of july?
  12. what is the number for 911?!?!?!
  13. why is !@#$ a bad word?
  14. why does phineas love isabella?
  15. why is mr. garrison messed up?
  16. why does evelyn keepo making dumb questions about south park? (no one really knos the answer to this one)
  17. why do dogs eat poop?
  18. why does mario like red?
  19. am i sexy?
  20. why do peoople hate sushi?
  21. why does one direction exist?
  22. why do ducks quack?
  23. why is christina agulera obsessed with my body??? :O
  24. why does broccoli exist?
  25. why does math suck?
  26. is there a mental disease called chronic lateness?
  27. why cant mr. lema be a dog?????????? (this one has a lot of explaining to do.)
  28. when will i get a boyfriend?
  29. how is it possible to catch a football?????????????
  30. why does the internet love gravity falls????????????????????????????
  31. what is my name?
  32. what is your name?
  33. do i HAVE to think outside of the box?
  34. why wont some nights play on the radio??????? AGGGH!!!!!!!!
  35. why dont u belive that i have alzheimers disease?
  36. if carly rae jepsen dropped her phone in the pool again, why does she want you to call her maybe?
  37. why is pie so yummy?
  38. why doesnt sunturday exist?
  39. why wont u get yer @$$ back home????
  40. can someone please love justin beiber so he'll shut up?
  41. (to a hobo) can i have a buck?
  42. is there such things is eyebrow cancer?
  43. why are pregnant ladies always fat?
  44. why does the ELA teacher hate me?
  45. why did i just hit my knee on the computer desk? OWWIE!
  46. why is taylor swift and some dude never ever ever ever getting back together?
  47. why is kesha gonna die young? if i had an option, id die old!
  48. why cant i sleep -.-
  50. why is vjtodyoms a BUTT KISSER! OF JIMYRT!!! (only one other user will undersntnad the gibberish, please dont say what it means here :) )
  51. why am i over halfway done? :O
  52. why do teachers ask u to buy a calculator, and never let u use it?
  53. why is etkhhgfusyftdaagbhjsghfrr spam?
  54. why do people hate me?
  55. where is the jersey shore?
  56. why is cussing fun?
  58. who the %^&* are you???
  59. WHY isnt the chat appearing as it should on my computer?
  61. why did i forget to turn off caps lock?
  62. why am i running out of good bad questions?
  63. why am i stubborn?
  64. where did i put my mind? cuz i think i have lost it.
  65. is justin beober a boy?
  66. why am i blanking out?
  67. why are cookies good?
  68. is santa clause a bad rollmodle of he smokes?
  69. (at burger king) can i have a filet o fish and a 20 peice mcnugget?
  70. who is bob?
  71. why are rubber duckies rubber?
  72. when was the war of 1812?
  73. why do teachers need answer keys? (courtesy of stefanie :P )
  74. am i dumb?
  75. what is the square root of 26?
  76. WHY in BANGKOK deos the school cafeteria staff try to kill me with chicken subs? XP
  77. (to hobo) why CANT I have a buck???????
  78. why does ym dog stink?
  79. why does....?
  80. why cant people be fish?
  81. why dont the serve chocolate covered big macs at mcdonalds?
  82. why cant it be christmas every other day? and any days its not can be chrismas eve?
  83. do tater tots count as my vegetable?
  84. how aobut pizza? it has tomato sauce?
  85. why does disney like soliciting money and killing america one club penguin membership at a time? >:O
  86. why does this house smell like burning crayons?????
  87. do animals have dirty words?
  88. do sharks hae to wait 45 minutes before swimming when they eat? i hope not!
  89. what do pigs think we taste like?
  90. can fat people go skinny dipping? if not, it is called chunky dunking?
  91. do australians refer to all other countries as "up over"?
  92. do animals eat people crackers?
  93. how come the wrong numbers are never busy?
  94. why were smarties made in canada?
  95. why do undergarments have fancy designs on them if your not supposed to show them to anybody?
  96. why are you reading these?
  97. ponies are people too, right?
  98. my mom gave out our adress online when she was ordering something from amazon. isnt it unsafe to give that out online?
  99. why dont dogs purr?
  100. did you enjoy these questions?