"Ty" jokes are puns on words that use the letters "ty" or the "tie" sound.


Well, it's kind of an inside joke. 

There's this file that Sam named on the Xbox named "ty" that was made for unknown reasons. I LOVE TY!!!! So I started making puns with his name, and yea. 

Here are the jokes!Edit

Q: what do you call a large cat with a blue striped shirt and a hat?

A: A TIger

Hunh. I wonder how exactly Ty was made. It was likely an unTImely accident.

Q: What did one person say to the other?

A: What TIme is it?

Q: Why did the marathon runner fail?

A: His shoes were unTIed.

Q: What's another word for a dangerous tropical storm?

A: a TYphoon

Q: What do you call "Ty" with a short vowel sound?

A: unTYpical

Some say that Ty is a baby because he walks around with a teddy bear, but he's not. It's just a stereoTYpe

Q: What do you call the act of online chatting about Ty?

A: TYping

Q: What's everyone's favorite dinosaur?

A: TYrannosaurus rex

Ty dreams of the day when he to go to his workplace as a lawyer and wear his suit and TIE

Q: What is the interior floor of Ty's house going to look like?

A: TIled

Q: What do you call a brand of litter made especially for Ty?

A: TIdy cats

Q; Where does Ty want to live when he grows up?

A: THAIland

Q: What do you call an awesome person that takes over by force? 

A: A TYrant

Q: What's the last thing Evelyn wants to hear from Ty?

A: You're not my TYpe

Q: What's Ty's history project about?

A: The TItanic

More coming!

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